Sunday, July 4, 2010

Preseason Spotlight - Ragan Fox

I am now watching Chelsea Hart's preseason interview with Ragan Fox, a 34 year-old college professor from West Hollywood, California.  Let me tell you that his interview has been posted for a few days, but whenever I clicked on the link, I got stuck in some sort of internet hell.  I can only guess that the entire country was clicking, clicking, clicking on that link.

My impressions and opinions of Ragan are as follows:

1.  He has a PhD and teaches at Cal State Long Beach---some sort of Communications Studies.

2.  When asked by Chelsea if he is a fan of BB, he said "I have watched every episode from Season 10 right through Season 11".  Yes, that is what he said.  He then took the opportunity to slam all of us who watch the feeds and how we are obsessed fans, or something like that.

3.  He has his Fox in the City podcast, and he started podcasts in the early days before i-Tunes got into the scene.  Of course, everyone copied him.  He describes his podcast as a mixture of The Daily Show and Best of the Week, but then he says he "doesn't watch those shows".  He then proceeds to say that many of his jokes and comments end up on those shows, according to his "friends" who watch them.  Then he condescends to all of us by telling us that "this is Hollywood and that's how it is".

4. teaching at Cal State Long Beach like working in Hollywood?

5.  He went off on a long, long tangent about how he got involved with some sort of poetry slam and blah blah blah blah blah.  It is hard to listen to him, to tell the truth.

6.  He went off on another jag about how he leaves witty phone messages for people and then describes his calls to his friend "Peter" and then he launches into some absurd voices and impressions that I guess are meant to be hilarious.  He says his messages go on and on (really?) and that his friends all save them forever and never erase them (they probably want to end up on TV when Ragan guns down Aisle Five one day).

7.  He expects the house to divide itself in two around the middle of the season, and then to become very devisive and cause problems with the groups.  Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

8.  Ragan, I don't think you will be there at the halfway part.  At least, I hope not.

9.  When asked how he got on the show, he said that his story was going to be really interesting, but he ended up blabbing on and on and on so by the time that he got to the point I really didn't care.  Basically he went to an open call because his friend "Viveca" went and the other people in line were "attention seekers" and they drove him crazy.  He imitated them, too, and that was hilarious as well.  (Not.)  He almost left the line three times, the other people were so annoying and offensive to him.

10.  So, in a nutshell, Ragan went to an open casting call and doubted himself but ended up being cast.  That's all you needed to say, dude.

11.  Ragan:  I am terminally single.  If being single is cancer, I am like Stage 4.  (You don't say.)

12. His father died from Alzheimer's but he doesn't want to "pimp his father out" on the show, so he might not want to talk about it very much.  His father was 56 when he had Ragan and came "from nothing" in Russia.

13.  Re:  #9  Ragan even said TWICE the street locations where he went to the open call, and where he was in his car when his friend told him to go to the casting call.  The actual address.  Twice.

14.  Everyone is going to hate him in that house.  I can't imagine having to spend 10 minutes with him.

15. He thinks he knows the twist because he visited Jokers and Reality BBQ before he was sequestered last Thursday.  He heard that three people will be nominated instead of two and that this will somehow prevent backdooring anyone, and will cause the HOH to make an additional enemy every time.

16.  You know that I read JokersUpdates, right?  What fan doesn't?  I've never heard any mention of that twist.  Not to say it wouldn't be interesting if it happened, but I haven't heard about it.  Have you?

17.  Is he going to wear that fucking bowtie in the house?  Or just on the live shows?

18.  He is going to be super annoying.  Maybe he will surprise me and tone it down substantially in there, and we won't see the Annoying Self-Important Chatterbox until the Diary Room.  If that is the case, I will gladly tip my hat to him.

19.  But I don't think that is going to happen.  There is no fucking way that he won't talk about his education and career every freaking minute of every fucking day.  He might even be the first one out the door on August 15th.

20.  I know Chelsea hated him.  She asked all the questions in a dull monotone and didn't really engage in conversation with him.  It is hard to converse with someone who isn't interested in listening.

21.  If he wins he is going to pay off his student loans---about $300K with interest at this point.  He will also buy a BMW in which he will ride around in with his new boyfriend, from BB fame, of course.

22.  How to sum up Ragan for you....hmmm.  How about  (1 part Ronnie BB11 + 1 part Joe BB8) x 4 Nails on a Chalkboard / a Barking Terrier:?  Does that work for you?  Not for me, either.

Sorry Ragan.  I hate you already.

Preseason Spotlight - Hayden Moss

Once again I am introducing myself to the HG by watching the preseason interviews conducted by Chelsea Hart for  Hayden Moss is a 24 year-old college student from Tempe, Arizona.  I guess he goes to Arizona State.

My impressions and opinions of Hayden:

1.  He needs a haircut.  I shudder to think what his mop will look like in a month or so.  Maybe he will shave his head in the house.  I think it would make him look better.

2.  His interview with Chelsea was among the shortest of all of the HG.  Why, you might ask?  Maybe they cut out all the good stuff (the interview starts very abruptly), but I just don't think there was a whole lot to talk about.

3.  He plays baseball in college.  He also likes to snowboard but has to travel to do it (don't we all?) since Arizona has few snowboarding opportunities.

4.  When asked by Chelsea if he was a fan of the show, Hayden made what I think is a very telling mistake.  He stammered for a second and then said that he was a fan "of the last season".  Chelsea asked if he was watching the show in sequester and he said, yes, I'm watching it now.  When she asked what season he was watching in sequester, he said "last season".  So he never really watched the show before.  He tried to cover up by saying he had seen it here and there but was never an avid fan of the show.

5.  Dumbass.  Chelsea knew right away that he wasn't a fan because he didn't recognize her.  She had to tell him that she was on BB9 and he said "at least you got a job out of it".

6.  He used to be into the rodeo but he doesn't do it anymore.  His sister is going to school in Texas on a rodeo scholarship (!).  His family adopted a 4-year old Russian boy named Jackson (after Jackson Hole) and Hayden thinks he is a cool little guy.

7.  Here's another questionable thing:  When Chelsea asked him how he got on the show, he said something like this:  "See, life is an adventure and I wanted to do something adventurous."  Then the interview tape was clipped for a second before continuing.  So, obviously he didn't apply on his own.  Someone "found" him.  Uh huh.

8.  When asked about the twist he said his strategy was to be sweet with the ladies in the house.  That's all I recall being said about that.

9.  Chelsea asked him if he was ready for everything about him ---all of his secrets---to come out and he didn't know what she was talking about.  She had to explain that the feed watchers and fans would post everything--childhood pictures, old stories, etc. and it would be out on the internet forever.  He kind of shook his head and said he was okay with that.

10.  Is he the Saboteur?  I highly doubt it.  I think that Alison Grodner would choose someone very smart who knows how the game works (like Eric Stein from BB8).  Hayden would fuck up the Saboteur angle immediately.  I think he was chosen for the game to contrast so many High IQ types who will be sharing the house with him.

11.  I predict lots of nudity from Hayden, since he has never watched the show and probably never seen the feeds.  He won't know how to protect himself long-term.  There is always one HG who believes that the show "doesn't tape in that room" or "turns off the cameras at night" or some shit like that.  I think that person will be Hayden this year.

12.  I think being on slop is going to break him down.  More than usual.

13.  Hayden is kind of like a labrador, if that makes sense to you.  We will probably hear his tags jingling all over the house.

Hook it Up with Jeff Schroeder

by visiting this link

As most of the fans already know, Jeff Schroeder will be trekking the globe over the summer as the new host of Around the World for Free.

I'd be lying if I said that I fully understand the entire concept of this production, but I think it is a web-based show where we can follow Jeff's adventures as he tries to make his way around the world without any money or credit cards, relying on the kindness of strangers to provide the necessities and access to local adventures.

I hope they have considered security needs, but I think Jeff might need a bodyguard in some circumstances.  You can sign up at the link above to receive updates, but they also require your address and a phone number.  I can only imagine that signing up might give the show an option to contact you if Jeff is in your neighborhood.

I have a spare bedroom, Jeff, and I will definitely take you out for a decent meal if you stop by my place.  I'm just sayin'....

Supposedly CBS is going to harness the incredible media Power of Jeff to link in with all of their properties, from BB UK (a rumor), to Survivor, to the BB US house.  And you just know that Jordan will pop up at some point. 

Jeff always said that he would love to host a travel show, so "watch what you wish for" Jeff.  Good luck and Godspeed.  Be safe and don't drink the tap water.