Friday, July 2, 2010

Preseason Spotlight - Britney Haynes

I just watched Chelsia Hart's interview with Britney on  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  The preseason interviews give you some great insight into the BB12 houseguests that you just don't get from just looking at their pictures on the CBS website.

I realized that I formed an opinion (and probably a prejudiced one) of Britney from the get-go just from looking at her picture and general bio.  Let's see, a 22 year old blonde bombshell from Arkansas named Britney.  Typical stereotype.  But to my surprise she was delightful in her interview--very honest and animated.  She doesn't seem ditzy at all.  A few tidbits from Britney's interview:

1.  She is a die-hard fan who has watched every episode of every season.  She stared watching it as a child with her Mom and she says her Mom is "over the moon" about her being cast for this season.

2.  She has applied before---gone to open casting calls and also sent in a rushed video "the day before she left for Europe".

3.  Her favorite season was All Stars, and her favorite players are Will and Janelle because "they were funny".

4.  She is involved with Reading is Fundamental (RIF) and has been volunteering with them since she was very young.  She is also active with autism organizations since she has a little brother who is autistic.

5.  In response to Chelsea's question, Britney said she "loves the gays" and gave a shout out to "Chris and Josh".  She hangs out and gossips with them a lot and says "they make everything fun".

6.  Britney is engaged and is sporting a nice-sized rock.  She says her fiance is thrilled with her being on the show.

7.  Britney's strategy is to never be the focus of anything, but not to fade into the background, either.  She never wants anything to "be about her".  (I support that initial strategy, but I don't think she is going to be able to fade into the background because of the way she looks.  Va Va Voom!  She is a sick-looking hottie.)

8.  She is terrified of birds and doesn't even want to talk about them.  She says she has always been like this and compares her phobia to Howie Mandel's fear of germs.  (So, I guess we'll see some bird-centric challenges, won't we?)

9.  She thinks she will say some politically-incorrect things and hopes no one holds that against her. 

10.  She mentioned being in control several times and admits to being a control freak.  (Hmmm....looking at #7 above, I smell trouble for young Britney.)

11.  She isn't looking forward to having to share the bathroom, but has lived in a sorority house so she knows she can do it.  She thinks she will enjoy cleaning when she is bored and might even bake for the other HG.

12.  Her parents are divorced and both remarried and she has half-siblings on both sides of the family.

13.  She has struggled since graduating in 2008 due to the tough economy but works in hotel sales now.  She has had to ask her parents for money a few times but hates doing that.

Thanks to watching this interview, I have an appreciation for Britney, and look forward to seeing if she can play out her strategy.  I love the fact that so far two of the three castmates that I have studied are big fans of the show and plan to put that knowledge to work this season.

Is Britney the Saboteur?  Well, I think she could be.  When asked about the twist (i.e. does she think it will impact her strategy) she hesitated and looked away from the camera before saying that she doesn't know what it is, so she can't really worry about it.  Was that a tell?  I have quite a few more interviews to review, so I don't know, but it's a possibility.

Watching these interviews is getting me excited for the new season!!!  I am already starting to blow off my day job!!  It was bound to happen, I guess.

Matt Hoffman's Band

I just found a website for Matt Hoffman's former band, Shooting Blanks. 

Love that name, Matt.

This website is awesome because there is a tour diary linked for the three years they toured.  Good reading!

Preseason Spotlight - Matt Hoffman

OK---now we're talking!  Matt is a Big Brother Superfan who has watched EVERY episode of EVERY season and has applied for EVERY season except for Season #1.   He recognizes Chelsea from the show and seemed kind of starstruck, which is cool.

(I'm watching Chelsea Hart's preseason interview with Matt on

He says that his tape that he sends in every year is EXACTLY the same so he is anxious to try and figure out why he was selected this year.  He said that he has gotten the phone call a few times and has moved through the interview process a few times.  Last year he was "supposed to be on it", but the date of the finale was the date for his wedding!  So he's a newlywed!  (I wonder if he watched the finale on his wedding day, or if he had to DVR it until after the honeymoon.)

His wife is 9 years younger than he is (!) and has never lived on her own before, so this summer will be a new experience for her as well.  He joked with Chelsea that if his wife is pregnant when he gets home there is going to be trouble.  He jokes that he "plans his fertility" around the BB season.

Matt is 32 and has some sort of tech support job--he describes himself as a computer geek.  He also plays in some sort of band and loves music. He appears to have a partial sleeve of tats on his right arm.  Matt seems like the typical "Chicago guy" who is pale, has that distinctive accent, and likes to drink with his buddies.

BB told them to expect a diverse cast, so Matt is excited about that.  (However, we all might disagree with that, huh?)  Matt plans to "leave his emotions at the door" and thinks that receiving a call or letter from home might fuck up his game.  He is smart enough to know that any strategy formed in advance is not going to work, and that he has to be very adaptable to win.

One of his goals is to spend 5-10 minutes in the first day or so speaking to each person in the house about strictly personal topics.  He knows that someone will win the first HOH and he doesn't want to seem like a blatant ass-kisser when he approaches them after winning.

(I think that strategy sounds great.)

He told Chelsea that he doesn't care about the other HG, he will be just interacting for the game and the game alone.  I have high hopes for Matt.  I like his energy and the fact that he is a Big Fan.  He kind of seems like a Dan-type but without the annoying Yelling-at-the-Camera habits.

I am guessing he is not the Saboteur based on what he said about going in the house.  I'm thinking the Saboteur knows in advance what their role is, for contractual purposes.  If they had to put special wording in the contract to cover the possibility that the player might not be competing for the $500K prize, it would tip their twist to all the HG.

I just reviewed Matt's CBS profile before posting this, and I noted that he mentions Dan as one of his favorite players.   Matt thinks that lately people have tried to "play too much".  Smart.  He also mentions Will, of course, since just about every other guy in the house worships the Evil Doctor.

I have high hopes for Matt.  I think it may be a long summer for him.

PS  Kevin Campbell from BB11 tweeted Chelsea during her interview to chime in with questions ABOUT HIMSELF.  (i.e.  Matt don't you think that Kevin was the cutest guy, etc.)  Matt went right along with it and said that he was hoping a gay guy in the BB12 house would help him dress for the live shows, etc.

Kevin give it a rest, please.   Let someone else take the stage, honey.

Preseason Spotlight - Monet Stunson

I'm watching Monet's pre-season interview with Chelsia Hart and I have to say, I like her better than I intended to---she came off are very calm and confident.  And she is certainly beautiful and very camera-friendly.  On the surface, it appears that she presents the only ethnically diverse member of the cast, but I am guessing she is from a mixed-race family.  I think she will probably buddy-up with the guys because she just doesn't seem very girly to me.  She is very athletic so she might be perceived as a threat---Brawn + Brains - Ability to Schmooze = Early Eviction. 

Monet is a model/actress and lives in Illinois with her parents. She has apparently appeared on The Young and the Restless and has done some local TV in St. Louis.  She went to an open casting call in Kansas City, but I'm not clear on whether she is a long-time fan of BB or not  (i.e. did she really want to be on BB, or was she just attending another audition?).

She strikes me as a very old 24-year old and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.  However, a quick review of her profile on reveals the following inconsistent statements:

What types of people would you NOT choose to live with you in the house: I'm not a fan of ditsy, stupid girls or guys who think they're "all that." 

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most or least: Jordan is my favorite because she seems like a genuinely nice person

Now, I like Jordan as much as anybody, but we all know that she could be the poster child for ditsy. And referencing last season kind of indicates that she hasn't seen much of Big Brother in the past.   I am predicting she is soon to be confronted with a bunch of guys who definitely think they are "all that".  (Who even says that anymore?)  

Monet knows that winning the first HOH competition would be the kiss of death.

She thinks she is going to win this thing.  Bon Chance Monet.