Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And Off We Go....

with a new season of our guilty summer pleasure.  On the CBS Early Show today, the houseguests were introduced to America.

Here is the link to the CBS website where you can meet each one of them, and learn a little more about them.

I haven't had the chance yet today to really study each one of them.  I'm actually trying to crank out a lot of work related to my day job so I can indulge in BB next week with abandon.  I have to Make the Donuts, so to speak.

First Impressions of the HG:

1.  I don't see much color in the house.

2.  Once again, there are plenty of fake boobs on set.

3.  There seem to be a few smarties in the cast, and on the Early Show they indicated that they were planning on hiding that from the other HG.  If they really are smart, they will figure out a way to do that.  But let's just say I'm an experienced BB watcher, and I don't expect this to stay a secret for long.

4.  The Gay Professor apparently has quite a career going, including a Sirius radio show.  He seems extremely irritating, so I hope for his sake that is his "Diary Room" character, and not his "Everyday" personality.  Some of the best BB characters acted one way in the house, and then really let it rip in the Diary Room.  Like Dr. Will, and Danielle BB3.  That makes for good TV.

5.  Who is the Saboteur?  That person isn't there for the $500K prize, but will win stuff based on how long they get away with acting up.  At least, that is what Grodner & Company are saying now......

More to come later, as the dirt comes out.. (I love this part of the season---the anticipation is so fun.)