Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sabotage is the New Twist!

and I kind of like the sound of this.....one HG will be secretly named as The Saboteur, and their goal will be to wreak havoc on the house, based on OUR INSTRUCTIONS!

I hope I like The Saboteur better than I liked Eric from BB8.  If you don't remember, Eric was the America's Choice player.

Apparently we will learn the identity of The Saboteur on the first live eviction show, on July 15th.

I'll bet we will all figure it out before then, but that is just an educated live feed viewer guess.  Here is the link with more info.

If nothing else, maybe I will learn to spell 'saboteur' this summer.

BIG NEWS tomorrow.  If you consider learning who the HG are, that is!!  I can't wait!!