Monday, December 6, 2010

Brendon's Wench Speaks - Her Name is Molly Shephard

I found this post on Jokers that is lifted from somewhere she posts.  I find this all very interesting.

I guess I'm going to hell.

PS  Here is an article from Realitea that explains how Rachel found out.  I also learned she has apparently taken him back already.

The Good News: It's Not a Needle Dick

Well, sometimes news comes up about the former BB houseguests that makes me stop in my tracks.

Yesterday, I saw a picture of what was purported to be Brendon Villegas' dick on the internet.  It was a close up shot of him handling it, and I must say it was fairly spectacular.  There was no way to confirm that it was indeed Brendon Villegas' dick, however, so after seeing the picture I went on my merry way and forgot all about it.

But today is a new day.....Brendon's dick is front and center on TMZ today.  Apparently the story is true!  At the link you will see a video of Brendon confessing his sins.  (There is also a video of him out there!) He is weepy, and will spend the rest of his life trying to get Rachel back.

Yes, Rachel has dumped him!

I find this all very ironic.  I watched Brendon chastise Rachel repeatedly last summer for getting drunk in the BB12 house and then flashing her tits and ass carelessly for the camera.  And now this.  What is his excuse?

I'm sure you can find the picture of Brendon's dick out there if you try hard enough.  I don't think I can post to it here.  For god sakes there are kids on this website.

PS:  This same wench also claimed to have pictures of James Rhine's dick.  Yes, I saw that picture, too!  Now that Brendon's dick shot has been confirmed, I now have to conclude that the picture of James' dick must be real as well.  It was not a needle dick, either.  And the thighs in the picture were slender, so I think that is further evidence of the possibility that it was indeed James Rhine (BB6 and BB AllStars).

Said wench claims to have carnal knowledge of Jeff Schroeder, too.  Yes, our Jeff.  But I didn't see any pictures of Jeff's dick, unfortunately.  It's only Monday, though.  Plenty of new information may be revealed as the days go by....