Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is Happening in There?

Well, nothing, to be honest.  The boys are taking yet another beauty rest today.  They were just forced to get up a few hours ago and already had their HOH lockdown.

They could hear the BB theme song playing downstairs during the lockdown and are worried that tonight is Finale Night.  I think the theme song was playing so they wouldn't hear people talking down there.  Also, maybe to irritate them by playing that 'song' nonstop, just like the rest of us.   Allison Grodner probably had to send in a haz mat team to clean up that place before the live show tonight.  It's not like those three clowns are going to clean anything properly.

They are way too big for that, obviously.  I mean, look at the bedroom.
The fact that they think tonight is the finale just shows how they don't know jack about the show.  They haven't even been grilled by the Jury yet!  Last year Jordan admitted openly that she never saw BB before she was cast, and it was blatantly obvious during Hayden's preseason interview with Chelsea that he had barely heard of Big Brother.  Enzo didn't even know what Janelle looks like and had to ask Britney if she's hot!

I guess there's a lesson in there somewhere.

Meanwhile, I think America should award the $25K to a real fan.  (**hint hint**)

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