Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update on Britney & Nick's House

Here is the link to this updated story about the damage to Britney and Nick's rental home.  I hope they have security there this weekend, because the general address has been posted online, and it is common knowledge that no one will be home all weekend.  And she's a celebrity now, so there's that.

Per the story at the link, BB producers will not tell Britney about it.  So...sometime between the end of the show and the beginning of the backyard interviews, Britney is going to get some bad news.....

From Nick's point of view, he already had enough pressure and stress going into tonight--this is the last thing he needs.  Particularly since it sounds like the fire started from the backyard grill.  He's got to deal with her mom on this issue, too.  Can you imagine the dread he must feel?

(If it's any consolation for Nick, the BB fans are not so in love with Lane anymore, based on his recent comments about animal cruelty, and how fun near-rape can be.  So the people who were rooting on a Britney-Lane connection are dropping like flies.)

This adds a layer of sadness to the finale for me.  Not just that one of the winners will be Hayden, Lane, or Enzo (probably Hayden), but that we will all be watching and hating the thought of her finding out about this.

I can't believe that CBS would give up the ability to talk about this tragedy tonight.  Maybe Julie will mention it before the Jury comes out.  I hope no one in the audience calls out anything to her about it.

If she didn't win the $25K, I am hoping CBS does something else for her instead.


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