Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OMG. Britney's House Burned Down?

TMZ is reporting that Britney's home was on fire--not sure if this is her family's home, or the home she rents with Nick.  Here is the link to the Breaking News.

Poor Brit...I hope everything will be okay.

***UPDATE ****
Apparently this happened at the home she lives in with Nick.  Nick moved everything in over the summer while Brit was in the BB house.  I heard her "talk" to Nick and tell him to get the Renter's Insurance--I hope he listened and sent in that check.  Otherwise Britney's belongings may be up in smoke with no insurance coverage.

How upsetting...... here is the link to local news coverage and pictures.  I think the fire was pretty bad.  Is Nick not going to the finale?  Maybe he was leaving today?  WTF Nick?

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