Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh My God

these people are fucked up.  This Las Vegas bootleg video features a very drunk Lane, mixed with a few servings of Krista BB2 (aka Krusty who got engaged to Live Boogie on Live TV)
Everybody wants to fuck Lane, apparently.  Then we see Michelle BB11, who is now a porn star, flashing her new cleavage around and talking about a weiner.
Then Mark Long, who is apparently the adult around there, comes to the rescue and interviews Enzo, who makes a desparate plea for work to Martin Scorcese.
Enzo does not disappoint, and never breaks character.  He says that Joella is mad at him for announcing on the feeds that she is an investment banker.  Then the lovely Joella makes a humorous and lovely appearance, proving that she indeed is the better half in that family.
This all happened before Lane hooked up with the Fresh Meat Whore, because we see Lane at the end, trying to bogart Enzo's camera time.

And I'll say it again.  Mark Long looks damn good.  And being the only one not totally fucked up on camera works for him, too.

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