Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Morning After

The backyard interviews aren't archived yet, but when they are I will be watching and recapping here.  CBS has a bunch of post show interviews up...let's start with Rachel.
 Here is the link to Rachel's backyard interview with CBS.  These interviews are kind of glitzy, with snazzy background music and no big surprises.  Rachel's makeup looks great.
Lots of love talk about Brendon, and it sounds like she has finally accepted that the Brigade existed and bested her.  And Ragan refused to even speak to her in the Jury House, and skipped dinners specifically because she was there.  She claims to have written him letters to make up but he has ignored them.  (I hope he saved those letters.....Ebay Ragan, Ebay....)

What did she do to him that was so bad?  Was it worse than the things he said and did to her?

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