Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Message from Nick About the Fire

I found this on Jokers--I guess Nick logged in and left this message earlier today.  I'm so glad her dogs are okay.....I wonder if BB will tell her about this, or just wait until after the finale.  

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The fire started at around 1:30 am CST and I awoke at around 2 am to the crackling sound (which I thought was hail). I went back to bed for a few minutes and heard a window break. At this time, I knew something was wrong. I walked in the hallway and saw the flames and smoke coming from the bathroom window. I then ran and grabbed my bags that I had packed for today's trip to LA and headed outside. Both dogs were still inside at the time. I found Molly (Brit's dog) first and through her in the front yard. There were several people outside at the time yelling at me to not go back inside. I then went back in to find Porter and at this time, the dark smoke was about head high. After about 3 minutes of searching with a flashlight, I found Porter hid in a corner behind a chair. We all made it out okay fortunately.

After about an hours worth of extinguishing, everything was under control and the damage was done. I was then allowed to go inside to check out the damage. The screened in porch on the back of the house was completely gone, one of the back bedrooms was completely black with fire and smoke damage, and the bathroom and other bedroom were damaged pretty badly as well. The entire attic was on fire as well. With it being an old house, it was not very "fire friendly".

I then spent the next 4 hours with my parents and my best friends getting our belongings that were salvageable out of the house. Most everything was drenched in water. Britney's dad and step-mom also made the 3 hour drive down to help with this tragedy which was very thoughtful. After a final inspection, I'd say that about 50% of our belongings were lost.

I now know that belongings that may have been lost are no where near as important as a life or the life of a pet. Things can be replaced, lives cannot. I was told multiple times that I was very lucky to make it out okay since the fire was so strong and that I was alseep at the time. Also, the smoke detector did not ever go off. Good thing I changed the batteries in that thing a couple weeks back, eh?

I am still planning on flying out to LA today at Noon. I will be low on energy and emotionally drained, but it something I cannot miss. I have the support of Britney's parents and my family to go on and that things will be taken care of when I return. We are blessed to have such supportive friends and famiily.

Please just continue to keep us in your prayers. Things happen for a reason and I know that only good will come out of this mess. I am going to do my best to go enjoy my time in LA and San Diego with my Brit now!

Thanks again all.


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