Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hayden Saws Away

at his choppers.  He is really going to town with that toothbrush.
Lane was in the background talking some smack about the Last Day but left the room.

Hayden spits. Ha ha.  I had to wait with my finger on the button to catch this one.

It's early for these guys to be up---around 8:30 am BBT.  Hayden went outside and got under the covers on the backyard couch.  I think they are getting ready for an outdoor lockdown.

Here comes Enzo, wrapped up in his blankie.
He is mumbling to himself about "ca ca" and smacking some sort of food.  He looks like batman with the blanket on.  Enzo doesn't seem to be in a great mood this morning.
Enzo goes outside and starts bitching about being woken up early, along with more smacking and slurping.  Lane is out there, too, snuggled up to fight off the California chill.
Someone starts rapping and Lane says to "play some of that gangsta shit".


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