Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hayden Requested Muscle Milk

and "Pepper" for his music.  No one has heard of it, and they are all questioning him about it.

Hayden gets called to the DR and they all tell him not to demand Pepper---just get Eminem again.

After he left they all said they didn't want Pepper---they heard it and didn't like it.  Now they get nasty (funny) about how Ragan would demand play Hole!.....


Now Lane is saying that he feels sorry for Matt, to have to hang around Ragan.

Lane:  Well, I guess they're two of a kind....

Britney:  What a crappy jury house....

They think Ragan was ass kissing Julie Chen today because he knew he would see her.

Lane doesn't have a hat's a Labor Day miracle.  He has the snowflakes in his hair---Britney says it looks like dandruff.

Enzo starts talking smack about how some HG might get picked for movies even before the finale night.

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