Thursday, September 2, 2010

Follow Up on Joker's Chat with Stacy Hoffman

So I listened to Stacy's live interview last night on  Some guy named Metal Head kicked off the interview and Sheila from BB9 didn't show up until later.  I guess she is very busy doing whatever it is that Sheila does.

Let me just say, I don't care for this Metal Head.  His voice sounded really thin and pissed off, and his questions for Stacy seemed very angry and accusatory.  If he is going to host internet chats with guests calling in, he needs to use some Company manners and try and sound a little more energetic and engaging.

He seemed personally offended about Matt's lie about Stacy's illness.  OK, Metal Head.  We all know Matt lied, and that Stacy didn't know about this ahead of time.  That's so July.

I thought Stacy handled herself very well, and showed she had a sense of humor by giggling a lot.  She knows that Matt made a few mistakes in the game, but being on Big Brother was truly his dream and she knows he is dying in that Jury House with Brendon, Rachel, and Kathy. I guess seeing Ragan will be a welcome sight.

Speaking of Ragan:

Stacy:  What does your friend 'Butters' think about Ragan?  Ragan was joking on the feeds about how he would become a couple with Butters and was trying out nicknames for them.  Maybe Ragan has already dated everyone in the L.A. Metro area and needs to branch out to other geographic areas now.

Stacy said that the Matt she sees on TV is not always the Matt she knows.  She cringes during his DR sessions and just wants him to zip up that hoodie.  (ha ha ha)  Stacy has become friendly with Joella Palumbo and Nick, Britney's fiance, which is cool.  I would imagine that being a BB S.O. gives you a very tight bond.  Joella even called during the second half of the show to give her support.

Joella seemed really cool.  She said that when she watches Enzo on TV, he acts just like he does in their living room.  She is the one who taught him to say "it is what it is". 

I think you can catch a rerun of the BlogTalkRadio show here.

Metal Head and Sheila really seem to have a deep hatred for Ragan.  Apparently they heard him say a number of hateful things on the feeds that sounded kind of outrageous. Like accusing Hayden of rape?  And someone else of killing someone and throwing their body under a bridge?

It sounded crazy to me but Metal Head graciously told us to Flashback to August 25th at around 2:00 pm.  That sounded exciting to me so while I was getting ready for work this morning I started watching the flashback.  I never did get to hear Ragan spew any vile comments, but I did see a few funny things I had never seen before.

Matt made some sort of headwrap and was posing in it.  I think this is going to be used in the BB rap group they are starting.
They kept talking about 'Tech Nine'.  I don't know what that is and am too lazy to google it, but I think the headwrap is Tech Nine-related.

Enzo loved it and made a headwrap for Howie the Duck.  Check this out.
It was really funny.


  1. Thanks for the kind words. No need to kiss my ass just because I read your blog! ; ) Kiddinggg. That was kind of an awkward interview, right? There were odd periods of silence and then random people would start talking and then 5 of us would talk at once.

    I'm not gonna lie, I thought those comments were really funny. I was trying to hold back my laughter and I had to hit the mute button on the phone. I can't believe people got so offended by it!! I guess I'm not the right person to gauge that though, as there's pretty much nothing that offends me.

    Butters actually isn't watching the show! He's caught maybe one episode or so. He's been in a Chicago play this summer that's been consuming his life. Not a whole lot of Stacy/Butters time going on. But he's great. If you're familiar with South Park, he does a perfect impression of "Butters" on the show. Go figure. : )

  2. Blog lurker/feed watcher here. (Thanks Updater for the posts, you've been one of my must-read BB blogs this summer.)

    I listened to the podcast of the Jokers interview and had the same reaction! I saw Inappropriate Zingbot on the feeds (yes, Ragan's shtick had a name, he wasn't just making that stuff up for no reason), and I'm sorry, but it was hysterical. Some of us just have dark senses of humor.

    Stacy, I'm glad you had the same reaction. I've spent the summer alternately hating and loving Matt as a viewer, so it's safe to say he's done well as a reality TV character. I'm also glad to hear you'll probably be giving him shit for the same things that make me want to reach into my computer and smack him sometimes. He's lucky to have you - he needs it!

    I hope his day at the jury house today with Ragan's arrival isn't as bad as we're all expecting. Matt deserved everything he took from Kathy, but it looked like he understood that. And, good for him for standing up to Rachel once again. There, see? I'm back to loving him. Geez.

  3. Hey Karen!

    Thanks for the comment. I too spent the summer hating and loving my husband. ; ) Trust me, we keep each other in check. There's lots of laughter in our home and we're comfortable telling each other when they're being a d-bag or a bitch. We don't take things too seriously!

    I'm probably going to get reamed out for saying this, BUT I think Kathy was way over the top. Don't get me wrong, she has every right to be mad. The thing I didn't like was when she said "There are sick people out there and I'm one of them" and she said something else about that as well when she was in the kitchen. I'm a terrible person for saying this, but I think she's just trying to have a pity party for people to feel sorry for her. She was sick 16 years ago and has been in remission for 12 years! She smokes like a chimney and sleeps for like, 23 hours a day. She also made sure to only take her meds when people were in the room and watching her. I'm sorry, but I can't feel sorry for someone that can't even help themselves. She's been exacerbating her cancer for 2 months and I don't see how that's too much different from Matt's lie. Again, don't agree with it, but you know. He lied to 12 strangers. If he lied to America about it, we would definitely have some problems on our hands. Just my opinion though! : )

  4. Hey Stacy:

    I agree, Kathy is such a hypocrite! I even watched her complain about her illness while she was puffing on a cigarette!

    And guzzling all that root beer isn't exactly healthy, either!

    I was excited about Kathy being in the house this year because she didn't seem to fit the mold of the typical "old person" in the house. She really let me down--at first I thought she was pretending to be weak, but that was no act.

  5. Hey Stacy:

    Question---is Nick worried about Lane? I realize you may not want to answer that, particularly if the answer is juicy.

    But to see Britney question her engagement on the CBS show? The fact that she can even think that he doesn't want to marry her indicates those thoughts are going through her mind, too.

    Also, does CBS pay for your airfare and expenses for the finale? I'll bet you are going to have fun with Joella in LA. Every year there are clips and pictures of everybody partying their ass off on Finale Week.

    I wonder if Matt got a guitar to play in the Jury House.....

  6. Hey there!

    Kathy has even said herself she shouldn't be drinking pop or sugary drinks. People that are perfectly healthy really shouldn't be having that much excessive sugar/high fructose corn syrup let alone someone that's in remission. It just seems fishy to me. I know everyone handles things in their own way, but I have an aunt whose cancer has been in remission and you will never ever see her laying around like Kathy does. I would think that after something traumatic like that, you would want to live life to the fullest.

    Now for the questions! : )

    I don't think Nick is worried, per say. I would say upset more than anything. The poor guy has to sit and watch this guy hit on his fiance daily and hear about how she shouldn't be with Nick, etc. I'd say it would get to me if I were in his shoes. It's weird seeing your loved one on tv. Especially when they're not acting like themselves and/or say something to upset you on the feeds. At home, Matt and I would talk it now. When I hear him say things on the feeds and if I get upset, I have to hold it in. There's no release for it. I have a thick skin, so the stuff I read online doesn't bother me. I personally think it really bothers Nick. I think all of that, plus the Britney's mom drama, plus the not seeing your fiance, plus the whole Lane thing has really started to add up. He really is such a sweet, caring guy and he's just over the moon for her. I really want to see them last. I told him just to see how things go, there's no need to rush things. Matt and I got engaged after 9 months, but waited over 2 years before getting married. I personally think it was the best thing I could have done. Plus living with each other is really the key to see if you want to kill each other or not. LOL

    CBS pays for our round trip airfair, but that's pretty much it. None of us have been told any details about finale yet, though!! I mean, it's now 9 days away. I'm really excited to finally meet Joella and Nick. They've both been just great and I think we'll always have this weird, crazy bond/friendship just like the houseguests. It made things easier talking to them because I really don't think there's anyone in the world that knows what it feels like to go through this. Even when my ex had to go to Iraq, I was still able to atleast talk to him and send letters/emails/skype! But I'm so nervous/excited to see Matt!! And I hope he got a guitar too!! I wonder if people are talking to him or still pissed. Hmmm.


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