Sunday, September 19, 2010

Britney's House is "Unlivable"

Here is the link to this brief TMZ update about Brit's house burning down.  If they didn't have renter's coverage, they will have to cover the cost of replacing everything that was ruined in her home.  And it sounds like a lot, frankly.

As far as damages to the house itself?  Typically, the property owner would be responsible for that with their homeowners' policy.  But to be honest I've never been involved with something like this.  I had hail damage to my roof last year and State Farm sent out some damage estimators to look over everything and they agreed it was hail and wrote me a big fat check to buy a new roof. 

But with fire damage, I wonder if the cause of the fire comes into play?  It sounds like the fire started from the grill area, from coals that weren't properly extinguished.  So....isn't that Nick's fault?  Does the owner of the property have grounds for a lawsuit?

One thing in Brit's favor---we weren't able to see her in the Jury House, but she can prove that she wasn't there.  I wonder if her name is on the lease...

I guess they won't get their deposit back......

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