Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bootleg Video of Britney in Vegas

Here is Britney in Vegas being interviewed by the Unknown Blondie.
Britney doesn't seem to be drinking, so maybe this is early in the evening.  I certainly don't see anybody stumbling around back there.

She did say she would do Amazing Race with Lane...hmmmm.

Andrew aka Captain Kosher makes an appearance and Britney makes fun of his shorts he wore on the surfboard (you know the ones) and he compliments her DR sessions.  Looks like all is forgiven there, or maybe he just wants to jump on the Britney popularity train.
She says she will be friends with Lane for "ever and ever" and that is fine with Nick.  She hasn't talked to Rachel since the finale, and they didn't speak at the Wrap Party.  She doesn't know if they will talk this weekend or not.  She mimics Rachel's laugh one more time, and nails it.

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