Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bootleg Video from Vegas

This is a link to the video posted on Jokers.  As many of you know, there is a big reality clusterfuck event in Vegas that started on Friday (the day after the BB12 finale) and rolls right through Sunday, I think.

In order to attend the event, you had to buy tickets to the parties, or buy a separate live feed stream that featured interviews, drunken footage, etc.  There are reality contestants from all types of shows out there, and there is traditionally a lot of cross-fertilization, if you know what  I mean.

I did not buy the live stream, but am nosing around and have some scoop, as well as the link above.  A few notes:

1.  Mark Long from MTV fame is the host of this segment.  And damn Mark is looking good!  Did he have some work done?  Maybe lose some of that steroid weight?  Because he is mighty fine here.

2.  Michelle BB11 is telling people she hooked up with him at some point.  Someone needs to put Michelle out of her misery, I think.

3.  Hayden's Mom and Sister make an appearance here, and get to talk a little bit.  Hayden's sister certainly is shiny, isn't she?  Her name is Tarryn, (sp?) and is apparently on the rodeo circuit.

4.  Lane hooked up with someone from the MTV "Fresh Meat" (?) show named Casey, who is apparently  a Vegas friend of Rachel's.  This incident is discussed here at the link.  The blogs are going crazy about rumors that Britney got pissed about this and left early, but Monet has commented that Britney had some sort of airline scheduling problem.  (I'm sure her house burning down had something to do with something...I'm just sayin'.)

I googled Fresh Meat Casey and here is what I found.  There are definitely some similarities to Britney, and she's from Texas.  Uh oh....

5.   L'il Eric Stein from BB8 appears also, and hasn't changed a bit.  Take that however you want to take it, but he looks and sounds exactly the same.  Except maybe a little sweatier.

6.  Mark does a shameless plug for some sort of Reality awards show that will air somewhere on November 9th.  I guess the Brigade is going to get an award of some sort.

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