Saturday, September 18, 2010

Backyard Interview with Ragan

This is an interview conducted in the backyard of the BB house by Missy for  The handler hurries Ragan right over to Missy for his turn.  He marches over wearing his gas station attendant costume.
He goes to the wrong side and Missy has to redirect him to the taped mark.  He is obviously tired and punchy but is happy to hear that Missy is from Superpass.
R:  Awesome!  I actually talk to the live feeds!

M:  You do!  You do!

R:  I would have loved to do it more at 3:00 in the morning, but no one wanted to be alone because of the Saboteur.

Ragan talks about his "special outfit" he is wearing tonight that he wore for his eviction, also.  Hhe says he lost 15 pounds in the house and he was shocked at the way he looked for his eviction.

M:  How did being a Have Not affect your game?

R:  Well, it did affect my game, but in some ways it was an opportunity!  I was a Have Not for 24 days, which is longer than anybody else in the house.  It is difficult to compete when you are hungry, but the cots are worse than eating slop!  They were horrible and I think anybody would tell you that.  The first POV, I was dizzy from hunger and I thought I would pass out on the balance beam.

M:  I'm going to ask you this now...I'm surprised Matt doesn't come over here now..

R:  To give me kisses on my neck?  (laughing)


M:  A lot of the BB fans are upset about your constant badmouthing of other HG. What do you say in your defense?

R:  Awwww... Well, I really didn't ........we didn't have TV or anything in there, so there was nothing to do.  People like Kathy I didn't really mean it, but people like Brendon and Rachel who were horrible to me, I don't feel badly at all and would say the same thing to their face.  Like Rachel's vagina hanging out of her dress....But when people are badgering you because you're gay, you have to do something...

M:  Will you and Matt remain friends and do you find it hard to forgive him?

R:  I think we will be friends for the rest of our lives...he's not like one of my four brothers, he's like the brother.

M:  Oh, here comes Matt.
R:  Matt is a complete douchebag and I can't stand him.  (kidding)

Matt runs off but then comes back and Missy asks them to hug.
R:  Will we hug?  Of course!  We'll do bad things!

Matt mouths "love you Stace" to the camera.
R:  We'll go into porn and we'll do it right here!


Ragan gets serious and says that he believes in BB Karma and that Matt is getting hit with that and Matt knows it too.

M:  Will you go back to being a teacher and what will you say to your students about this?

R:  My classes actually start Monday, and they are on the 4th week of class right now.  I had things set up digitally so they took lectures digitally during the first 4 weeks but Monday I'm back.  I will probably say, ok there is an elephant in the room and talk about Big Brother for about 15 minutes, and then that's it.

M:  Going to Vegas?

R:  I'm on the fence about it.  It made me feel better that Kristin was going..

M:  That's what she said too!

R:  Did she?  I love her. I was worried that everyone would be there with their significant other and I would be alone...

M:  Well, Matt said a threesome is good!

Ragan leers at the camera and says to stay tuned to BBAD.  (I just threw up in my mouth.)

M;  How did you feel about throwing those competitions over to Matt?

R:  Listen..knowing when to lose a competition in BB is more important than knowing when to win a competition. If you win early you put a target on your back.  I knew I wasn't a target those weeks, so I felt okay about it.  Looking back, I would have won the Paint can competition, which Matt was willing to give to me, and I would have put up Enzo and Lane.

M:  Wow.  Then maybe Hayden still would have won...

R:  Possibly.

M:  OK. We've gotten this question many times.  Can you please translate  your tattoo?

(It's written in French.)

R:  What was your guess?

M:  Something about what makes you a slave..

R:  Pretty close.  It's in French...sometimes a dream makes you a's a Liz Phair lyric and it means a lot of different things to me.  Ultimately it means don't become a slave to your objects...own your objects, they shouldn't own you.  In this game, don't become a slave to the game or you will lose yourself along the way..

M:  We saw a different side to you in the last weeks of the game, were you starting to crack?

R:  I started to lose it early--in the first couple of weeks and I wanted to get put on the block and go home.  But in the last few weeks I was okay.  They would all go into the HOH and talk about football, so that wasn't a natural fit for me.  Unlike Rachel, I didn't look for good lighting and camera time..I isolated myself and did a lot of introspection.  This game was such an incredible gift to me..

Missy brings up when Ragan imitated Janelle using "the POV...on myself!"
R:  I love Janelle!  I had to do it properly, because Brendon kept saying things to give a nod to former seasons and he had never even seen them!  It made sense for me because Janelle said that during a double eviction!

M:  You love Janelle?

R:  Yes, you put a gay guy in the BB house and it's impossible that he isn't going to love Janelle!

Missy tells Ragan that Janelle has a show and will be there for the rest of the season (Survivor that is.)  Ragan gives Janelle a shout out and says he wants to hide in her bosom, or something like that.

Ragan says a bunch of stuff about how he cast his vote, and says he actually liked Lane more than Hayden, but that Hayden is a better game player.  Ragan complimented Missy's style, saying she was very natural.  Missy encourages Ragan to flashback and watch his season on

Missy asks if he would be interested in doing Just the Tip and says Britney is in for it. Ragan seems rather hesitant about that and doesn't commit himself.  After all, he is Dr. Ragan Fox.

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