Friday, September 17, 2010

Backyard Interview with Kristin

This interview was conducted in the backyard after the finale by Missy for  The backyard is filled with memorbilia from the compeitions---the big hot dog forks, the paint can, a Dead or Alive sign, etc.  Missy is a big fan and thinks the pool and everything else looks tiny compared to what it looks like on TV.
I started watching the unedited interview tape, so Missy is filling time until the first HG comes over.  Kristin is her first victim, and she looks bored as she comes up, yanks up her dress, and takes her position on the tape as instructed by Missy.

Then Kristin is All Smiles!
Missy doesn't have any questions of her own from Kristin, but has some from the fans.

M:  Was it difficult watching the show once you were evicted?

K:  It was so hard---I just missed the jury by one week, and seeing those competitions that I would have been so good at--I would have won HOH!

M:  Have you eaten any more spiders?

K:  No, I haven't.

M:  How does it feel to have fans?

K:  It feels great.  I feel like I have a lot of them and that helped coming out of the house.

M:  What are your true feelings for Hayden?

K:  What you saw on the feeds was real---I don't know anything beyond what you saw on TV tonight.

(i.e. I guess she hasn't had any time with Hayden since the broadcast ended.  But if you watched the backyard footage last year, you saw that Jordan looked like she was blowing off Jeff, big time.  Jeff said that , too.  I think the winner is pulled in so many directions that they can't even think about that stuff.)

M:  Well, you were very cute together and I hope it works out.
K:  Thank you.

M:  Do you think keeping the showmance a secret isolated you from the house.

K:  Yes, it did.  Blah blah blah blah.

M:  Who will you stay in contact with?

K:  Ragan and Kathy. 

M:  Why Ragan?

K:  I should have aligned with him from Day #1.  We have a lot of the same values and strategies.

M:  And he's standing right next to you, listening!

K, laughing:  Yes, he is!

M:  Are you still angry at Andrew?

K:  No.  He didn't do that necessarily to hurt me...I forgive him.

M:  Floaters grab your life vests....

K:  That doesn't pertain to me!  I had a showmance!

Kristin watched some of the live feeds and gives a shout out to Room 92---her best friend's mom's room.  This interview ended kind of early, I thought.  Kristin has already been a guest on Real and interviewing her isn't a Big Get at this point, I think.

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