Monday, August 2, 2010

Woe is Kristin

now that Britney did not use the POV.

Kristin, whispering:  I hope you guys take it all the way...

Kathy, whispering back:  I've always said...if they ain't separated, this game is doomed.  They're going to be settin' up there on their throne.

Kathy expected Britney to take Hayden off the block and then she was going up.

Ragan comes in and says "that was weird".

Kristin asks what Ragan would do if he were in her position.

Ragan:  I don't're in an impossible position!

[He should have told her to start making tents with Hayden, asap.]

Ragan:  I would just be a logical as you could's about you, not Hayden.  I would think there is a strong logical case for you.....probably on both sides though.  It's a "hearts and minds" thing...


Kathy is trying to make it about her misery---she was on edge, waiting to "sit in that seat".  Kathy feels that this was an "already made-up thing" because "people's minds is made up".

Ragan:  Do you think she made this decision about it alone?

Kathy and Kristin, in unison:  No.

They said it was awkward last night, knowing that conversation s were being held about it.

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