Monday, August 2, 2010

Who is Mad Dog?

and why does Hayden miss him/her/it?

Kristin and Hayden were laying in the Taj Mahal and Kristin was fishing for feelings.

Kristin:  Did you ever think any of this would happen?

***long pause***

Hayden:  You mean...with me and you?

Kristin:  Yes...when we walked in here that first day....

Hayden:  Well...

Kristin:  Do you regret it?

Hayden:  No.  But I wish it had happened in week #5 or 6, not week one and a half.

Kristin:  It was bound to happened...destined to happen.

(Why do girls act like this?)

She got called to the DR and almost immediately this happens:

Hayden:   Mad Dog, I miss you...........FUCK!

And the cameras changed to the back yard, where they look forward to having barbequed sandwiches.

Maybe he said My God, I miss you??  He is kind of a mush mouth anyway, and he is laying face down with his head in a pillow so who the hell knows?

Last time Britney made the sandwiches and Brendon is asking if she boiled them?  Maybe we'll have another evening of Brendon's cooking lessons.

Don't speak Brendon...just sit there and look pretty.

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