Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who Are the BB Fans?

Well, this recent post may give us some sort of indication.  It was posted in the last 24 hours on one of my updates that was written weeks and weeks ago.

I hope this isn't the average fan, but if so I can conclude that the fans have low literacy skills and a healthy portion of contempt and prejudice.  I think all of the HG, past and present, are incredibly brave to sign up for this mess, and for the attention/adulation of all of us, huh?

mpst314 has left a new comment on your post "Enzo's Penalty":

this is the worst big brother ever. Matt is the only one doing anything. The brigade are assholes. hayden thinks he is so goodlooking. bullshit. at least rachel showed some guts. Lane is a big bad jerk clown in my book. Me and my crew would make him look like a sissy like he is. sissy biscuits. Ragan makes all gay dudes look like pussies, when they are not.
The gays in Baltimore hate your worthless crying garbage little girl act. you make America sick. I would spit in your face if I had the opportunity. you are garbage. Forget the money, everybody in the house hates your whining little girl act. College Professor? where at garbage. you are sick. I hope brendon or matt wins. what a bunch of losers.

Posted by mpst314 to Big Brother USA Live Feed Updates at August 23, 2010 11:23 PM 

There was another funny comment posted recently that is hilarious in that it attacks me personally.  I am going to feature that as well in an upcoming post but I need to do a little research first.  I want to give that poster special recognition so I need to dig up a few details. 

Delicious hint/teaser:  Apparently I have offended the commenter's mother.  (!)
Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!  Love the 'feedback'.

And I think we should all strive to use the phrase 'sissy biscuits' in a sentence this week.  Ha ha it must be a Maryland thing.

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