Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Do the Fans Want to Know?

A surprising number of people want to know what Enzo's wife looks like.  Thousands of people have googled her and ended up here on this website.

I hate to invade her privacy, but her husband is on Big Brother.  It's on him, Joella.  Yo, it is what it is!

I tried to find a picture of her, but didn't come up with a verifiable shot.  But I'm not on Facebook---if you are you might be able to log in and surf around a little bit. 

I did find Joella Palumbo's Linked In profile--I know this is her because I have heard Enzo talk about her job.  He was right, she indeed does appear to have a "real job".  She isn't a big user of Linked In, with 4 connections, but maybe she's too busy with her job, baby, and reality TV watching to become a Linked In connection whore like the rest of us.

I'd say that Joella Palumbo has a decent chance of getting a nice windfall soon, with the devious survivor skills Enzo is displaying this weekend.....(getting Britney to consider backdooring Matt).

I also found a few comments that Joella left on some BB website.  Here she is posting on some message board, with her friend's comment posted below.  I guess that is Baby Gia in her thumbnail picture.


  1. Enzo really is a vile pig, I can't even begin to comprehend
    How he was raised, but it's Jersey, so that explains a lot. He uses the " c" word liberally.
    Picks his nose and smears it on the wall, farts
    And belches, drinks out of the carton and puts
    It back in the fridge, wears underwear inthe
    Pool... There is no end to the animalistic horror


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