Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're Back

but we went back to DOTS before I could snap a picture.

Matt is talking a mile a minute about hiding his secret and he says that when he brought up the power in a vague way this week, BB called him in and said he was walking the line and....


Britney describes how excited she was---she didn't know where Matt was going with that speech.  Ragan thought his heart was going to jump out of his chest.

Hayden:  I knew that dollar bill thing was a lie!!

Matt: I know--that was a horrible lie but I thought that I would be able to tell you in a few weeks.  But then the Saboteur came back and everybody thought it was me!

Britney is going to cry when she gets her letter.  (I wonder if her fiance is pissed--I didn't see him on TV tonight and her Mom made it sound like she was pulling for Lane.)

Britney is snacking on something in a plastic bag---I guess since she is HOH she can eat now.

Monday is Britney's birthday!

Nomination prediction from me:  Brendon and Enzo

Britney: It is a once in a lifetime dream to spend a birthday being HOH on BB!

Ragan is celebrating in the bedroom.  I bet. All his friends still there, one in power, and $20Gs.

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