Thursday, August 5, 2010

Up and At 'Em

and on a Thursday morning, that means an HOH Room Lockdown.  This Thursday, however, the group is actually ineracting with one another.  Maybe everyone isn't there yet---I know Kristin in in the HOH bathroom.
Britney used to have "straight across bangs" and she liked the way they looked, but "you had to fix your hair every day".

Brendon:  What if when we went downstairs the Spice Girls were there?  And they were the only ones who would appear for $5,000?

(I swear I don't make this up.)

Britney:  Rachel I was Baby Spice for Rush one time.

Brendon, trying to hard:  Scary was the only one I didn't like.

They say that Posh used to look way better back then.

Britney:  I think she's had some face work.

Rachel:  She's had A LOT of face work.

Rachel is packing up (because after the HOH lockdown she has to check out of the HOH suite like a mere mortal) and holds up a slutty silver top that they say looks like bondage.

Hayden is sleeping on the floor in the middle of all this, and I think Kathy is, too.  Matt is under the covers with Enzo, I think.

Rachel offers some of her wardrobe pieces to Britney if she has something that she needs to "spice up".  It is so obvious that Rachel is clamoring for Britney's approval and attention. 

Rachel:  What is your favorite store Britney...where do you get most of your stuff?

Britney:  I buy a lot of stuff at ......


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