Monday, August 30, 2010

Track #4 is Hard

and they all love it.  ("White Trash"?)

Hayden and Enzo went upstairs and busted in on Lane, who was listening to his Eminem CD.

Enzo:  At least Ragan's speech was good.

They start talking about next week, when Ragan is gone.

Hayden:  Why don't we just win HOH and then not worry about it.  And then win POV and not worry about it.  One of us three is going to win the money in the end...

Enzo: Unless Britney is there..then she wins the money.  I think Britney is hated in that jury house, but I don't think they give a fuck.

They wonder if the Jury will turn on them once they know about the Brigade.

Enzo:  I can see Brendon with his dumb ass....


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