Monday, August 9, 2010

Things Sure Do Get Ugly, Don't They?

The POV ceremony was just held and as expected, Britney did not use the Veto.

It sounds like Brendon blew up during the ceremony and called Britney a spoiled brat (or something like that).  Rachel pulled Britney aside and apologized for it.

Britney brought up what a poor sport Brendon is, giving the example of Brendon "throwing a ball at Jeff and Jordan" during the POV competition when he lost.  The end of their conversation was very positive, with Britney saying that whatever just happened between her and Brendon shouldn't impact her relationship with Rachel.  Rachel can still come and talk to her anytime.  Britney even wanted to "hug it out" afterwards. 

(Britney is working the jury votes!)

Now Rachel is whispering to Kathy about something, but I think Rachel is fed up with Brendon.  Both of them have tried to go into the DR but no one let them in.  Now they are huddled up in bed but are whispering so softly that we can't hear them.

It sounds like Brendon might have been nasty on purpose, in hopes that he would get voted out instead of Rachel.  I hear Rachel talking about Lane, and Lane & Britney, etc.  Now Rachel is saying something about not talking about it with anyone, and "if she stays".....

Now Hayden comes into the room to get something out of a drawer, and says something about "a little bit of fireworks".

Brendon: We'll see what happens. 


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