Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still Bitching

Ragan is still bitching and moaning about how ridiculous it is to have a "soccer ball challenge" for final six.

Ragan:  I spent the last week studying my ass off to shoot a water-filled soccer ball off a teeter totter.

Matt, trying to be supportive:  You will still have a chance to use that knowledge....

Ragan:  I have a feeling it is going to be the OTEV Veto, which won't require any knowledge.

He is going on and on about how alone he is in the house, how unfair it all is, blah blah blah.  Meanwhile Matt is going home tomorrow, and this probably isn't the way he wanted his last hours to go.

Ragan:  This is a fucking nightmare.  I just want my life back!

Matt:  I know exactly how you feel.  I probably don't have my job anymore.  In all likelihood, I have lost my job.

Ragan:  This is ridiculous!  Mark my words, it will be that retarded OTEV challenge for the veto.  If I'm going to be gone, just be gone!  I don't want to give them another week of footage of me squirming.

(Maybe you'lll get your wish tonight, Ragan, and bless us all with your departure.)

Just before this, Ragan announced that he "was done" practicing and wasn't going to get any better.  They went inside and sat at the dining room table in tired silence.

Matt:  Last night in the BB house.....last night...

 Ragan bitches some more, totally oblivious that Matt needs support, too.

Hayden came through and asked how it was going.  Matt said that his arm was sore from throwing the ball all night but agrees to go outside and help Hayden practice.  Ragan went outside, too, and watched in silence while Hayden sunk ball after ball, one after the other.

After Hayden finished and went inside, Ragan let loose with this latest torrent of bitching and moaning.

Ragan:  This competition is made for Lane and Hayden.  Period.  I'm sick to my stomach thinking about tomorrow.

Matt: Just hang in there and fight.  I can't explain how I feel when I hear you say you just want to go to the jury house.  I am so jealous about that..

Ragan continues to bitch about himself:  If I'm going to be all alone in this house, why can't we just have a double eviction week and get it over with?  This will be week #4 of me being miserable!

Matt kind of shrugs and realizes that Ragan is totally self-absorbed with his own stuff to acknowledge him.

Matt: Just try to be as sociable as possible.  If you take the initiative, people like you.  Try not to be so negative.

Ragan:  I can't believe I have to be here another week.

And so on.  And on.  And on and on and on.

I feel sorry for the production crew, having to listen to this non stop.  At least we can all log off and refresh ourselves with something else.

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