Saturday, August 21, 2010

Signs of Life

Finally some of the HG are up and about.  Brendon and Hayden enjoy good healthy bowls of slop.
Hayden thinks it tastes like oatmeal.

Brendon:  Like I said, between me, you and Lane, we've eaten enough stuff like supplements, other's not that bad.

(Not for Lane...he's eating this week.)

Brendon:  I can't wait to win POV and see their faces...they know I have a good chance of winning HOH next week...and then CBS......(whispering now).

Brendon points out how dirty the dishes are going to be now--he says its gross.  I can tell that Brendon really wants to do some heavy complaining but Hayden isn't going for it.  He asks Hayden how he slept, did he stay warm, how was the slop, but Hayden is pretty positive about everything.  Brendon has no where to go, conversationally.

Brendon starts to talk about "Rachel's favorite player...that girl Janelle", and we get DOTS.  Not due to Janelle, I don't think, but to prod the other HG into getting their lazy asses out of bed.

We have a POV to play.

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