Thursday, August 5, 2010

Relief in the Cabana Room

They quickly discuss the situation--Brendon and Rachel are being nominated (Obvie!) and they discuss which of the two they want out.

Britney told Matt just before the competition that Rachel said he was a weakling, and Matt points out that comment fueled him and made him want to win.

Matt:  Rachel might be like that...she might even be stronger then (if Brendon leaves).  But I'm leaning towards her cracking without him....

Kathy is going up if one of the two of them gets off the block---this is what they decided when they were up on the paint can, when they knew one of them would win.

Ragan offered Kristin the use of  his West Hollywood apartment for the rest of the BB season---he has friends "in the building who will totally take care of her".

Ragan:  She is a great girl and I totally trust her....

[Ragan told both Kristin and Hayden about this offer a few days ago.]
Rachel:  What do you think the viewers are thinking?  About all this?

Matt:  What do you mean?

Rachel:  It's pretty strange---I mean the HOH is me, you, me you.  And the POV is Brendon, Britney, Brendon, Britney...

The house is out of food and Ragan thinks that they won't even have a food competition.  Matt wishes they would have one, just for the comraderie and the entertainment.

[I know there is NO WAY IN HELL that Matt won't open Pandora's Box---he loves the twists and turns and scary stuff in the game.]

They both say that this was much harder than the surfing challenge, due to the centrifugal force.  (sp?)  When it started spinning, it was really hard to hang on.

The paint spewing in the face was the worst for Matt---he was blinded with paint and this really bothered him the whole competition.  Whenever the paint brush "missed" Britney, it always hit Ragan.

Rachel said Enzo talked the whole time, and Lane thought it sounded like he could be there all night.

Britney:  I literally thought, before Kathy dropped, that I would be the first one off!

Ragan thought the same thing.  It took about 15 minutes to get the hang of it and figure out what to do.

Britney:  If you moved your hand on the bar, it was really slippery aferwards.

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