Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ragan Gives Matt the Bad News

that "those boys"  (Enzo, Lane & Hayden) want him gone.
Ragan:  Whatever relationship or friendship you may think you have, or have had, with those boys, they want you gone.  If they did not want you gone, you would not be on the block.  They are in Britney's ear and they want you gone.

Matt, being stubborn:  Why?

Ragan:  Because you are a strong competitor, and they want you gone.

Matt lured Ragan to the Cabana to proposed some hare-brained scheme to stay in the house, but Ragan isn't candy coating it for him.

Ragan:  You are in denial about this---those boys want you gone.

Ragan doesn't like Matt's proposed plan because it puts him in danger next week.  Ragan knows the house knows he wants Brendon to go home, but he doesn't want Enzo, Hayden and Lane to think he is after them.

(He's going home next, anyway, if he doesn't win HOH or POV.)

While Matt talks he sticks his hand down his pants and starts rubbing himself.  WTF?  He might as well rub his junk on every doorknob, drawer pull and piece of cutlery in the friggin' house.

I worked with a guy years ago (at Ernst & Young, of all places) and a guy with the initials KB (with a high-falutin' position) would rub his dick (outside of his pants) while he was sitting 2 feet away from people and didn't seem to even be aware of it.  One of the women there had a big problem with this and would stop talking to him until he stopped.  At first we thought he might have some sort of physical problem, but I think it was a compulsive act he couldn't control.

Meanwhile Ragan is telling Matt over and over that "those guys" want him out of the house.  He's not getting it.

Ragan:  Brendon is a definite lock on their side---they've been working on him for weeks now.

Matt:  Are you saying Lane is part of "they"?

Ragan:  No, Hayden and Enzo.

Matt:  The thing is, there are so many 'theys' at this point, why not invent a new one?

Ragan is getting tired of telling Matt the truth (over and over) and having Matt not accept it.

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