Monday, August 9, 2010

Rachel: I Think We're Set

Rachel: ....if that's what you want.   I think I'm the lesser of two evils.

Brendon:  You don't think they suspect?

Rachel:  I don't think anybody but Lane is smart enough to figure it out.  The thing is, Britney already thinks you hate her, so she believed it.

They are out by the pool having lunch---no one else is out there.

They think Enzo will vote with the house, even though he may want Brendon to stay.  Rachel went to get a napkin and when she came back she was chuckling about Brendon being a "woman hater".

Brendon:  When I was out here before they were making little whenever I said something Britney would say something like I was lying or making it up.  She made a 'small brain' comment, but I never said anything like that.  And when she said that, Lane tried to change the subject really fast, to like turn it around.

They are positive that Lane is the Saboteur.  Brendon says that if Rachel gets in a tight spot, she can tell them "what if I told you who the Saboteur is?".

(oh, great idea)

Brendon:  The thing is, I think Hayden knows me well enough to think that I may have done that just so you can stay in the house.

Rachel:  Do you want me to tell him that when you are gone?

(ha ha ha ha)

Brendon, stupidly:  Do you want to tell him now so you can practice with him?

Rachel, semi-smartly:  No, I don't trust anybody. I just need to win.

She knows that Enzo has been drilling with Ragan in the house.  Rachel said that after Brendon was so nasty during the POV ceremony, Kathy came over and hugged her and said, "maybe that was his gift to you, so you could stay".

Brendon:  I think Kathy pays attention more than most people in this game.

Rachel:  And Britney mentioned you trying to throw the bowling ball at Jeff and Jordan!  Oh yeah, like you would try to take out Jeff and Jordan!

[These two really think they are running a game on the house.  If the rest of them can keep their mouths shut, Brendon and Rachel will be shellshocked Thursday night.]

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