Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pre-Show Tension

Matt tells them last week about his chat with Julie in the HOH Room.  He tells them it was a quick in and out and downplays it, letting them think that it was just one question.

Brendon is in Jumanji trying to bond with them.  They asked him if he was going to move his stuff in there and he said he wasn't sure.

Britney cracked that he would just leave it at the bottom of the stairs (i.e. he will win HOH) and they all laugh.  Brendon talked some smack this morning about eating slow-release carbohydrates today (like oatmeal) so that he would have superior performance in the endurance competition tonight.  They have been making snide comments about that all morning.

They think Julie will ask a question tonight about the movie--Enzo is prepared with a funny answer but doesn't tell the group what it is so they can be surprised, too.  They think Julie will show clips of the worst team in the Have Not competition since it was such a disaster.

I haven't heard Kristin say much of anything today.  Why change now, huh?
Ragan is mimicking Kathy during that competition:  Ya'll wait...slow down!

They all crack up.  Ragan points out that their team did not have a "brute force male" to push the cop car along.    Brendon thought the ramp would get his team, since the weight of Hayden and Enzo was in front---if they fell backwards, they knew they would be in trouble so they did it as fast as they could.

I am starting to watch for signs of someone acting strange---i.e. the Saboteur.  Unfortunately I am teaching tonight so I can't watch the CBS show when it comes on at 8:00 EST.  I am tempted to call in sick, but teachers can't do that......

I am going to watch the CBS show when I get home and then will report live on the endurance competition.  I might get too excited and log in to the Live Feeds before I watch the show---it will ruin some surprises for me but I think waiting to watch an endurance competition will end up being the harder choice.

Reporting endurance results live, with pictures, is one of the most exciting things about my Feed Watcher job.

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