Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Power Hour With Janelle

I missed the first few minutes of this show but I guess it's better late then never, huh?  When I tuned in a caller named Ann Marie who calls every single week (sometimes more than once) is calling in to point out for the thousandth time that Rachel kept comparing herself to Janelle.

She went through a big long specific story about something Ragan said and Janelle said "What?  I didn't hear anything...".  And Chelsia had to cut off Ann Marie and squash the line.  Rest assured Ann Marie has Chelsia on speed dial and will call back at her earliest opportunity.  Which will be immediately, I'm sure.

Gay guys call in all the time and say they love Janelle.  I mean, really heavy-duty ass kissers. Chelsia and Janelle both love those callers, who eventually end up asking some sort of question that doesn't sound like a stalker, but is often an ignorant head-scratcher.

Like this one: Who is the least dull person on this season?

Janelle had to ask three times what he said when he said dull.  What a stupid fucking question.  I am guessing that this guy held the line for awhile, waiting to talk,  And that's what he came up with. They didn't answer it, so he started talking about a comment that Rachel made to Ragan about a gay comment.  Really rambling, big time.

Now he asks Janelle a question she has been asked at least twice this year---what are her biggest mistakes in Season 7?  (i.e. putting up Marcellas and not putting up Mike Boogie)  Now he asks a strategic question about her Season 6 alliance.  I think Chelsia needs to put the kbosh on this caller.

Now a perky lady named Cindy calls in.   She doesn't think we've seen the last of Rachel yet.  This crazy bitch thinks that Rachel was instructed to determine who has the Diamond POV and if she could guess, she can come back in the house.

Chelsia:  Where did you come up with that?  (this came out in a really snotty tone, but then she caught herself and covered it up with something sweet)

Ha ha.  Now Cindy starts bitching about how boring this season is, and how BB had to prod them into action today so that they could play Big Brother Says.  Cindy thinks that this was done to wake up the HG.  Chelsia said that in her season BB would play music to get them out of bed. 

Chelsia tells Cindy that you aren't contractually obligated to go to the Vegas party---there is no affiliation with CBS at all.   Chelsia says the party is a Hot Mess and that Cindy should go if she can.

Janelle doesn't think that Rachel will come back in, but she wishes Rachel would come back in permanently.

Oooo ouch.  Janelle just said she didn't remember who Joshua was from BB9---she heard he made the jury and she was like, "who?"

A potential serial killer is on the phone---he first called on Monday to speak with Jordan, and threatened promised to call back to speak to Janelle.   He did ask a good question about the Diamond POV---Janelle explained that it first came up during Season 4, and than if Matt is allowed to play for HOH then Brendon should be able to as well.  Because Matt's power is just as powerful as the HOH.

The serial killer expected Chelsia to remember who he was---she didn't so he reminded her that he called on Monday to ask about Jen from her season.  Chelsia drew a blank on who Jen was (the blonde chick who entered the house with her boyfriend and kept it a secret for about 20 minutes) which was kind of funny.

Janelle has what looks like a berry smoothie with a straw that she sips on while the callers go on and on and on.

A new caller says that Britney and Ragan make her sick.  She wishes that BB would let a previous HG come in the house for a few hours,  based on America's vote.  She would love Evel Dick to come in the house---then she says...get this....she would love it for Britney and Ragan to have duct tape over their mouths when Evel Dick comes in, and then have him chew it off.

(I'm not making this up, people.)

Chelsia looks legitimately frightened.  The lady just keeps going, stream-of-consciousness-style and says she won a T-shirt the week James (Rhine) was on.  I hope that is keeping records of these calls to give to the proper authorities.

Now a woman is cackling that she can't believe she's talking to them---you can hear her chins jiggling against the phone.  This lady hates Ragan, too, because he is a professor of communication and he is much too vicious when speaking to Rachel.  Who cares if Rachel called them bitches?  Janelle calls all her gay friends bitches and Chelsia does too. 

Now this lady mentions Chelsia smashing Easter eggs on her season.  Janelle is shifting back and forth from several feet back to inches from the screen.  She's bored by now.  She says she hopes Brendon wins this season because everything is so against him doing it.

Based on the conversation they think that the BB rules will allow Brendon to play for the HOH after Matt uses the DPOV.  Janelle apologizes for "needing to Google something" and we see her typing away.  Maybe she's contacting her local sheriff for around-the-clock surveillance of her parking area.

I would.

Now some guy calls in and says he made a post on BBDish about Rachel and than everyone is now repeating his ideas all over and getting credit for it.  His post had to do with Rachel coming in to guess who won the DPOV  (which is an idiotic idea---why take credit for it?).
Something is up with Janelle's top lip and teeth.  Something odd and strange that is not as evident when she smiles.

To Win a T-shirt:  Janelle asked the fans who the first HG ever in BB4 to be able to play for the DPOV (what she looked up on Google, I think)  (Janelle's dog is barking like crazy---my dog just woke up from her post-dinner nap and ran to the window to defend our house.)

Caller #1 - Boogie.  NO
Caller #2 - Jerry  NO
Caller #3 - sounded like a crazed maniac but admits he is already a Janelle T-shirt winner
Caller #4 - wanted to talk to Janelle "for her husband" and doesn't want to answer
Caller #5 - guesses Allison, Jun, Erica and Robert --  Ding Ding this is correct.

They let the guy who won the T-shirt keep talking.  He called in to Missy's show (I'm telling you these same stalkers callers call every week.) and suggests the next season be Fans Vs. Favorites.  Janelle likes this idea because this was her favorite Survivor season.

Another guy calls in and is as embarrassed as I am to be listening to this---he tells them that he has never called before and seems proud of it.

Yet another (gay) guy calls in and calls Ragan a little bitch.  These fans don't like that Matt was just handed that power---they think he should have had to win it.  The caller wants BB to let them know someone has the power, but Janelle says that someone being blindsided will be good TV.   Kathy will be "a mess" if she is the one evicted but they know the show will be exciting..

Some guy from MN called in and I didn't care to listen to what he said, and now a guy named Jeff from New York with a heavy accent asks a question about why Brendon and Rachel's families weren't on the show.  Janelle thought the ex-fiance was really pretty and put together well, but that the whole thing was so one-sided.  Chelsia thinks it was a low blow for CBS and was ultimately unfair to Brendon.

Ha ha---the caller says that he would have taken $1,000 from BB to record the Saboteur messages.  He also feels compelled to shout out to "Room 10".  He sounds like the guy who announces the stops on the LIRR  ("Next stop Hicksville")

Chelsia punches out right on time and says good bye to all the freaks fans.

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