Friday, August 6, 2010

Power Hour with Janelle

I forgot to mention this morning that while I worked (and the HG slept) I watched the Power Hour with Janelle that was taped on Wednesday night.

I will try to remember some interesting things:

*  Janelle said that Maggie and April from BB6 went to the AllStars wrap party (BB7).  This was in response to a caller mentioning that Maggie has been hiding her head for years in shame for being so hated by America.  Janelle didn't say anything nice about her, but she said that Maggie came to the wrap party for "her season". 

*  Janelle was sorry to see Captain Kosher leave.  She loved his speech and has grown tired of Brendon's whining.  That is a real turn off for her (and us, too).

*  She still likes Rachel's energy and drive to win, but understands why people think she is annoying.

*.  Janelle said a couple of times that this season is too slow for her and kind of sucks.  Nobody argued with her because after all, she's Janelle.

*  Get this:  She was in a major car commercial (Dodge Ram Truck) and says that Les Moonves "got her that commercial---he told the car company to put her in it!"  I thought that sounded really fishy, but turns out that CBS is involved with the promotion.  So Les can do any fuckin' thing he wants.

I just found a copy of the commercial online---here is the link.

*  I also want to reiterate that some of the callers are very, very scary.  If I were Janelle, I would be extremely concerned for my safety. They seem to know every single thing about her.  One guy even knew her house hunting plans.  And I should say that none of these crazies sound like spring chickens.  They've had lots and lots of time for insane thoughts to fly around up there.

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