Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outdoor Lockdown

and they think it might be related to Punishment #2 of 3 that they are receiving courtesy of Lane's Pandora's Box.

It is dark outside and they say it feels like they are the last remaining people on earth.  Enzo mentions 'I Am Legend" and they think that is a good comparison.

Ragan is bundled up and is quiet.
Hayden and Britney are playing catch with the beanbag and it sounds like they are throwing it hard.  Enzo is soaking in the hot tub.  Now Lane comes out to play catch, too.  The weight bench is all messed up now and they say it is "even more bootleg now" and think this may be their punishment.

Lane thought this type of equipment was extinct.  Hayden doesn't think they can "do rows" anymore.
They think the lighting outside is different.  Lane thinks it looks like a magazine.  They are suspicious that something is up and look around intently.
Britney says it looks like mood lighting.  Hayden says it's just that the "big lights aren't charged up yet" but they shoot down that idea.
Maybe Allison Grodner is taking my suggestion and there will be a puppy or some type of animal in the house when they go back in.  Maybe a punishment type of animal like a goat?  A pig that squeals?

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