Sunday, August 8, 2010

Morning Vomit, Part #3

[Oh boy.]

Brendon, talking about Matt:  Go blow yourself.  Oh I forgot, you can't.  Your dick is too small.

Rachel:  Is it?

Brendon:  C'mon---he's fucking 5'4"!  How big can it be?

Rachel:  I'm taller than him.  And standing next to him yesterday, I'm bigger than him.

Brendon doesn't think the public will care when he is evicted.

Brendon:  He's not going to go to any, like grocery store openings!

(yes, he actually said that)

Matt won't get their votes in the end.

Brendon:  And Britney is just like Matt!  A backstabber...she just looks prettier.  That's the only difference.

Rachel:  I hope Enzo wins.  Of all the remaining people, I hope he wins.

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