Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mini Brigade Meeting

as Enzo, Lane and Hayden think about who needs to get put up next, and go home.

They actually want to keep Brendon around another week so that a big target is still there to distract them.  They want either Britney or Ragan to go next week instead of Brendon.

Hayden, to Lane:  You have a fan, man.  Britney follows you around like a puppy dog!

They all laugh quietly.

Hayden:  That's good, man. That's smart!

Matt comes in and once they start whispering again we get DOTS.


  1. Hey I know that no one posts comments much here, but thanks for the Lane ass-shot, even with drawers on. You do a great job here, feed watcher.

  2. Thanks Dusty! I am committed to my work....


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