Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maybe Brendon Needs to Watch His Back

He is telling Matt and Ragan about when he used to work with the Scientologists.

It was a merchant fee sales job (credit card processing costs) and he describes how he had to read all of L.Ron Hubbard's books for the job, and his sales training.  The sales training involved doing role plays with a rock, and also exercises where he and a sales girl had to "like, stare at each other for 15 minutes".

Brendon thinks that was designed to make you more comfortable in uncomfortable situations.  He says the Scientologists are "very odd people", and that people involved with the religion were always milling around.

Brendon:  I know someone who knew L.Ron Hubbard and he said he wanted to start a religion because that was the best way to make money (tax free)..

[That is a widely-published quote that I doubt Brendon heard first-hand from someone who knew L. Ron Hubbard.]

Ragan, quickly interrupting:  I am actually friends with L.Ron Hubbard's grandson.

They all turn to him.

Matt:  Is he a Scientologist too?

Ragan:  No, he is one of the most vocal opponents of the religion.  People fly him around the world to have him speak against it.

Matt:  Is his name Hubbard?

Ragan:  No, it's Jamie Kennedy---as far away from the name as he could get.


I found this info about Jamie Kennedy--he actually changed his name to Jamie DeWolf in 2006 so I'm not sure how close Ragan is to him.  Jamie is a slam poet, so that is probably how Ragan knows him.

Very interesting, huh?

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