Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lockdown Over

and Lane and Britney have a mini-smackdown in the hallway.
Lane:  If Nick could see this, would he get mad?

Britney:  Yes.

She went to the Jumanji room to nap and started seething immediately over Brendon.

Britney:  He's like the world's biggest douchbag!  I can't take it anymore. I want to kick him  in the nutsac zipper!

Ragan fell asleep during the lockdown, and missed some of the conversation.   Britney says they just spent an hour talking about Nick, and Brendon kept asking her "how tall is he again?" and then said "watch--when we meet Nick he'll be like 5'6" and 130!".

Britney:  Like, who cares?  What a douchebag!

[I think I have heard Britney say that Nick is 6'2".  But think about it--isn't Brendon indirectly slamming Matt and Ragan with those subtle putdowns about size?]

This is one of the best shots I have seen of Lane.
Britney:  Ragan---what about if the Saboteur comes back tonight in the middle of the show and sends the first HG to the Jury House?  Or nominates the next two people to go home?

Ragan likes that idea, but goes off on a tangent about other possibilities that aren't possible.

[I assume the Saboteur has already been presented with the choice, or will be in the next hour or so.  Maybe Britney bringing this up is her way to point out later that there is no way it could be her!  I hate to say it, but middle America who doesn't watch the feeds or read the internet updates (or my internet updates, anyway) probably loves Brendon and would vote for him to be the Saboteur.]

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