Friday, August 20, 2010

Lane is Going to War

on some ants in the backyard. He hollered for Hayden to  bring out "that ant killer" and had to yell twice.

Britney came out in the BY with a big bag of chips.  "Think he's gonna yell at me?"

Enzo assures her Brendon will not yell.  The pool tournament has started, with Lane playing Enzo.

They get into a whole thing about Lady and the Tramp because Lane called Britney a tramp.

Britney:  Hayden how did you feel getting the first key?

Hayden:  It felt awesome. I wasn't expecting it.

Britney:  They said, make a statement!

Hayden:  Huh?  Make a statement?

Britney:  They said to make a statement with the way you place your keys!

DOTS.  ha ha

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