Monday, August 2, 2010

Lane: Do You Want Me to Arch My Back?

They are cutting up because Lane needs suntan lotion on his back and Britney refused to do it.  Matt had to do it.

Matt: Can I take my pants off first?

Lane:  Don't put so much on there so it takes too long!
Matt starts making moaning noises as he rubs it in.
Lane is very sunburnt from yesterday.
No wonder he burns---he just jumped in the pool.  I am from Florida and any imbecile knows that you need to let the lotion sink in for 20 minutes before you even go out in the sun, much less get all wet.  You can fry big time in 20 minutes.

Britney is on a roll out there and tells everyone that she didn't want to complicate things with the POV this week.
Britney:  We all learned from Matt's failures last week.

Ragan is in the mood for a DiGiourno and no one else seems to want it. 

Ragan:  C'mon guys.......

Britney:  Oh just make it. People will eat it.

Britney wants to use the leftover french bread to make a sandwich.  Matt wants to make more garlic bread but says there is plenty for both of them.

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