Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lane and Hayden

still talking in the HOH.

Hayden: Matty's biggest selling point was saying that if you want a brigade final three, keep me. 

Lane agrees.

Hayden:  Let's say that Enzo wins HOH...he puts up me and Britney...and Britney wins, it's you and me up there.

Lane:  We cannot have that happen.  We can't.  And it's going to be a damn quiz, too.

Enzo comes out of the bathroom and has some shorts on.  When asked he said "they" gave them to him, with a black pair as well.  (I guess BB can't have Enzo walking around naked.)

Hayden says that they took an identical pair from him before he came in the house.  Now Enzo is getting cranked up and starts pacing and talking big.  You know, like Enzo.

I think it might have been the OTEV challenge, because it sounds like Enzo had to get physical and run up a hill, grabbing something from someone.  (Ragan predicted the OTEV challenge, and said he would suck at it.)

It sounds like they considered getting rid of Britney this week instead of Ragan, but they conclude that Ragan is smarter than Britney.

Enzo:  Yeah, but he's too much of a bitch.

They think that the next challenge will be physical, and Britney will be easily beaten.  Enzo thinks listening to the Eminem CD helped him win and quotes the lyric "you only get one shot...".


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