Friday, August 6, 2010

Kathy: Where's Brendon?

Ragan:  Hopefully at the bottom of the pool.

They all laugh.  Matt wants to "pop in the DR and find out what's goin' on", but Britney is in there right now.

Ragan:  Did you get to ask any questions?

Matt:  I did, but he said he couldn't say...


They're trying to figure out who to send to talk to Rachel.  They can't, so they decide to send Matt to find out.  Kathy feels like she's "gonna throw up".

Matt walks back there and burps along the way.  He gets there and asks Rachel why she's there.

Rachel:  Sleeping.  I didn't want anyone to know where I am.

Matt:  I saw a camera pointing over here so I looked---the camera busted you out!

Matt tells her that the nomination screen isn't even up yet and says maybe America is making the nominations---who knows?

She seems friendly and maybe she needed a Time Out.  Rachel doubts that the Pandora's Box has to do with nominations, since it was supposed to be a consequence "for the house".

Brendon came in, of course, and claims he never even noticed that the screen didn't say Nominations Today.  (Sure you didn't, Brendon.)

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