Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jessie Burst Out

from behind a doorway made of paper and confetti flew everywhere.  The letter Britney read said that she would be getting some advice from someone, so she thought it would be Evel Dick or someone like that.

Jessie said douchey things the whole time like "the body of a world class athlete and the brain of a world class scholar!"

The guys had hula girls in the backyard but they couldn't talk or hang out.  The whole time it sounded like Ragan was tearing through the house looking for something.  He missed much of the dinner, it seems.

Britney:  His face was so close to mine and he was yelling and his breath was stinky.

Enzo:  Why was his breath stinky?

Britney: I don't smelled.  And he kept saying you don't know what goes into making a body like this...

Matt is delighted hearing all of this and would rather have spent the time with Jessie than the BBQ---he said he can eat BarBQ and drink rum drinks anytime, but he can't spend time with Jessie.
Jessie had on shorts but no shirt.

Britney: He looked exactly like you'd think he'd look like, except shorter.  I tried to ignore him to watch you guys on TV. He said I was lazy and needed to lose weight.  He told me about all of his accomplishments and how many inches his biceps were.  He kept posing and expected me to stare at him.

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