Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Down to Ragan and Matt. Again.

Hayden, Lane & Britney just fell.

Interestingly enough, while TRIVIA was onscreen.  Hmmm..

Kathy ran over to cradle Hayden, who was laying on his back.

TRIVIA, Immediately.

Ragan:  Are you fucking kidding me? 

He doesn't believe it.

Ragan starts talking to Matt about a deal----is Matt 100% "comfortable with that"?  Ragan says, "I mean strategically..."

The two of them are still hanging on and it seems easy. Matt comments that it is another good challenge for their body types.

The big paint brush slaps them and Matt talks back to it "give it to me".
It sounds like Ragan thinks Kathy will leave the house--and it sounds like he wants to let Matt win again.

(You can't tell me that Matt would waste another HOH on something like that.)

(I just want to point out that Brendon went on and on this morning to Rachel about how Matt's body was for shit and he had no where near the strength he had.)

Ragan:  BB is paying my cleaning bill!

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