Thursday, August 26, 2010

HOH Lockdown

As usual, on Thursday everybody is catching a few Z'sss in the HOH room.

And it's dead silence in there.  For the Have Nots, this is probably the most comfortable sleep they've had all week.  For example, Brendon:

While I was listening to Ragan bitch and moan (and bitch and moan) last night and early this morning, I wondered how much worse it would be for him (and us) if he was a Have Not.  I have to say, I watch the feeds and look at other BB websites, but until I saw last night's show I didn't know that Brendon was going to be a have not for the rest of the season.

He doesn't complain, so I didn't know.  He also didn't complain about shaving his head, or the chum dunk.  I'm sure he does a little kvetching here and there, but nothing on the level of Ragan.

I watched Britney organize and pack her luggage last night.  She picked out an outfit that she will wear "if there isn't a double eviction" and "BB doesn't tell her what to wear".  I guess if there is going to be an extremely physical challenge then they will give her a heads up.  But if not, she picked out a royal blue short-sleeved button front shirt which she is going to tuck into a black skirt with high heels, holding them up for Enzo's approval.

Enzo:  Nice.  I think I'll wear a penguin suit.

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