Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hell Has Frozen Over

Get this:  Enzo won POV.

Everybody else is in the HOH, looking at the Spy Screen.   They know Ragan is in the Cabana room and "will be in there for awhile".
Britney said it was a fun competition.  She got called to the DR and while she was getting ready to go down there, the guys started doing their chant of "Br  Br  Br" and Britney was oblivious (I guess).

Now the remaining Brigade is gloating and saying they have to win the next HOH or Britney will go to the final three.  Hayden mentions that the Final Four HOH last year was when they had to scoop up hot chocolate and fill up a bowl---a "long skill" competition and they all hope that is the case this season.

Lane:  We CANNOT let Britney win HOH.  We just can't.  We've proven twice that Britney isn't that smart, and that pressure gets to her.

Hayden:  The paint can....I beat her, and I could have stayed on longer.

Today is Day #57 and Hayden thinks they will have a luxury challenge tomorrow.  (I do, too, the free clothes one.)

Enzo calls out from the bathroom that "he has the runs" and Lane gets up to slide the door closed.  Once closed, he and Hayden start whispering like mad.  I can't hear them, but I know they are plotting to make sure Enzo doesn't go to the end.  They both think either one of them would beat Britney in the Final Two.

(I don't think so......) 

Lane:  What...are you trying to take Britney?

Hayden:  No!  Stop putting that in my head! I never even thought of that before!

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