Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy

While the POV takes place, I am watching this Happy Hour episode from last week.  Missy is taking a fashion risk today by showing some cleavage.  That Missy--what a sexpot.

Their special guest today is Annie, who was evicted first from the house.  She is looking for a job right now---I guess she isn't going back to work at Amerone's, which is a pretty good restaurant in Tampa.  She says that unlike some of the HG who talk about being in movies and other entertainment pursuits, she has a drama degree but seems to just want a normal job in the Tampa area.
Annie regrets letting some 'family issues' bother her when she came in the house and she blames this for her poor performance.

Fans seem to have emailed some questions to Annie, so we are avoiding the usual scary-crazed fans who are usually so entertaining.

She thinks Ragan is getting easy money since he hasn't done very many physical pranks---what Annie did was much more risky and she could easily have been caught.  She likes Ragan though---she knows about the note left on Enzo's pillow but describes how she had to put tape on her belly and then go out in the living room at 4:00 am to put the taped X's on the picture wall.  And the HOH could have seen that!

She wishes she had taken all the girl's makeup and hidden it for a week.  She thinks Rachel would have been livid, and Britney sleeps in her makeup most of the time.  Chelsia was surprised at that part.

Regarding Matt's story about his wife, Annie thinks it is good gameplay, but personally she thinks it is bad karma and she is disgusted by it.

Who would Annie have had a showmance with in the house?  Annie has a hard time with that, but finally picks either Monet or Lane.  Lane wasn't her type, but he was the funniest one there.  She thought Monet was really beautiful.  She is still in a relationship with Jen, BTW. 

Why did she say yes to being the Sab?  Annie can't discuss that....

How did she feel about Brendon and Rachel being so attacked this season?  Annie's argument the whole time is that the two of them were a true alliance and it was moronic to leave them together in the house.  She thinks without Brendon, Rachel would have crumbled.  Chelsia is shocked by that and thinks Rachel would have kicked ass if she were on her own in there.  Annie said that Rachel was strongly disliked and this really bothered her---she put on her "TV face" a lot of the time, but privately she was crumbling.  They all think life after the BB show "aint' gonna be pretty for Rachel".  Annie won't stay in touch with her--nothing in common.

She thinks she will stay in touch with Lane, and Hayden.  Also Kristin and Ragan and maybe Matt.  She has been talking to Monet a little bit and it is fun to see how different people are outside of the house.

How did no one suspect her of locking the door during the blackout?  The lock was hanging in her bra, and the signal to turn the lights was when she put her hair down.  She ran right into Brendon but he never mentioned it afterwards.  The fact that he wanted to brush his teeth played right into her plans, as did Andrew getting up to move.

Annie is watching the live feeds a little, but it is very frustrating for her to watch it because she still wants to be there.  She watches the CBS show, of course.

She thinks Matt is playing a good game.  Lane is taking too long to make a move and no one will respect him at the end.  She thinks Britney is strong, too.

She thinks the Final Two will be two men---probably Matt and Enzo.  Enzo goes up to every person in the house and tells them what they want to hear.  He knows how to work people and is the comedian in the house.  Flying through the house doing nothing, like the Zingbot said.

She watched the live feeds for the times she was in the house, and noticed that many of the times when she had emotional moments weren't captured on the feed cameras.  So her actions and anger didn't make sense to the fans.  She is very upset about being the first to go home, and she knew she would be from the moment she was nominated.

She has a sexy dress for the finale and hasn't decided for sure but might come back as a blonde.  (She was a blonde when cast, but then BB made her dye her hair brown.)

She regrets getting tied in with Brendon emotionally.  If she were still there she would have aligned with Matt.  She wishes she had paid attention more and kept her mouth shut---she worked too hard to be funny and get to know everybody and it made her look bad.

What is Kathy really like?  She's a wonderful woman and Annie doesn't think that she is throwing competitions.  She does do her share of talking smack, just like everybody else does.

What about all the insults that Britney said in her goodbye message to Annie?  Annie thought it was funny and she knows all Britney does is insult people's appearance.  She loves her shoes and doesn't care that Britney didn't like them.

Annie didn't like that the show became the Brendon and Rachel Romance show.  It was an insult, annoying, and frustrating to feel that it became a dating show---they should be on VH1 if they wanted that.

Annie signs off and they agree that Annie is super sweet.  She was Chelsia's pick preseason to win it all after her interview.

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