Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy - Part 2

After Monet hung up I was going to stop watching, but lo and behold Stacy Hoffman calls in!  Matt's wife!

Chelsia is a big Matt fan and picked him to win from the beginning (I did, too.) so she is very excited to speak to Stacy.

The connection is fuzzy but Stacy is full of energy and sounds like she would love to scream at Matt for not going after Enzo.  She thinks Matt was clearly onto Enzo and she wanted him to expose the Brigade.

Missy, offended that she said that about Enzo:  What do you think of Matt's lie?

Stacy:  I think he would have been better off without it.

They didn't discuss any potential lies ahead of time, so she was very surprised when he said it.  They set boundries about what he could do, and he hasn't crossed those boundries yet.

Missy:  You told him he could flirt, but what about his flirting with Ragan?

Stacy, laughing: I told him to make friends with the gay guy in there, but he's not doing what I told him to do!

Chelsia: Please explain the 'hand down the pants'.  What is he digging for in there?

Stacy:  That is the ONE THING that I asked him please NOT to do.  When he walked out the door I said don't do it please!  He just rests it in there--its a comfort thing.  He does it out in the bar, with family, he doesn't even think about it!

Missy, going in for the kill:  Would you admit on TV that you had dreams about Hayden with his shirt off?

Stacy:  His personality is to be funny and not care what people think, but his portrayal is like he's gay!  My father is watching this and I'm worry about what he thinks.

Missy kind of apologizes for being harsh about Matt--I think her producer said something in her ear about it.  She says that Matt is a great player and needs to go because he is so strong in there.

Stacy:  Matt is a bad liar and when he discusses my 'disease' he can't even look people in the eye and he giggles.  I know he would really donate money to that disease--that's just the way he is.

Stacy is having a farewell party tonight with friends and she says that she will need someone to "hold her hair back when she drinks too much tonight".  She knows that even if Matt made a last ditch effort to align with Britney and Ragan, they won't believe him.

They thank her and ask her if she wants to say anything to the haters out there.  Stacy laughed and said that some things are better left unsaid.  Matt has a lot of fans out there, too and she appreciates that.

Stacy confirms that she and Matt will be in Vegas.  They think she has a "good head on her shoulders" and has handled the pressure well so far.

Now they take the calls from the regulars who call in all the time.

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